Garmin WatchFace – zRenardWatch2


Simple digital watch with notifications and battery with icons. Settings available for colors, threshold to display battery level, and notifications display. Sleep mode is supported and can be deactivated via settings.

Features focus

Battery level

The battery is an octagon so 8 lines = 100%, each line = 12,5%. So 7 lines means less than 87,5% etc..
But why octagon ? because usually, i swim/bike/run every days, and 1 line = 1 day for me. With others devices, and depends on your daily workload it will differ.



  • (new) Adding a parameter to have different color between hours and
  • (new) Adding a parameter to activate the screen only outside the low
    power mode when the battery is below the critical level.
  • (fix) Temporary fixing issue with white (and light) background.