Garmin Widget – Objectives


Widget to track objectives, show dates and number of days remaining. Both view classic and glance, see bellow.


1.5.1 – Avril 2020

  • (fix) Week duration calculation was wrongly rounded (Issue 4)

1.5.0 – Avril 2020

  • (new) Handle time of the event if present (Feature 2)
  • (fix) Icons have transparent background


  • (new) Add icons for event type
  • (new) Add options to enable icons for event type
  • (new) Add options to choose event countdown unit
  • (new) Press enter to cycle through countdown unit
  • (new) Automatic font size adjustment depends on screen size or event name length
  • (fix) Minor colors adjustment
  • (fix) Minor font size adjustment
  • (fix) Increase size of the progress bar in glance view (Issue 1)


  • (new) Support now up to 6 events
  • (new) Add support 735xt


– (fix) Change date format (not properly saved in Garmin Connect Mobile!?)

(Dev. Note) Garmin Connect Mobile date bug !?

If you use a date settings, they are set only once when you save it via GCM. If you go back to the widget settings, date fields are empty… So now it’s a basic string field with a date parsing….


  • (new) Support now 3 events
  • (new) Add event type
  • (new) Adjust colors and tick size
  • (fix) Adjust colors (again)


  • (fix) Adjust colors
  • (new) Add support for new devices
  • (fix) Reduce unnecessary access rights


  • Initial version.


  • Version 1.3.0 handle up to 6 events.
  • On glance view, only the next event is display (in text).
  • You can cycle between events on classic view by using Up and Down keys. By default, like glance view, the next event was selected.
  • If there’s no future event, then past event is shown.


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